Rumah Budaya Sumba
Lembaga Studi dan Pelestarian Budaya Sumba
Sumba Cultural Research and Conservation Institute
(+62) 0811 189 2908

Come with love, going home with love and coming back with love

C for cor – cordis or cora – corazone also Indonesian for cinta crafted peacefully on the floor of Rumah Budaya Sumba, denotes faith and hope for many people visiting the land.

Rumah Budaya Sumba, a native son of Sumba devotion with abundance support from all corner of the world, always try to give back with preserving courage for future generation to live in a better ‘shared-house’ together.

Wishing you inspiring journey filled with love to the people, culture and natural beauty of Sumba.

Video from Widya Cahaya Nusantara Foundation dedicated to Rumah Budaya Sumba show thrilling places to go