Rumah Budaya Sumba
Lembaga Studi dan Pelestarian Budaya Sumba
Sumba Cultural Research and Conservation Institute
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The song you heard at first landing on this website sung by Dorothea Dapawole Kila glorifying the greatness of God love for people and land of Sumba, composed by Father Robert Ramone, CSsR.

His creative endeavor shows in music but runs deep in photography since 1994 and with landmark publication of SUMBA Forgotten Island on 2007 in the Netherland. Those passionate works escalates in a reflection for a channel of effective communication for community engagement and cultural education.

The first step for ‘a dream’ of Rumah Budaya Sumba made on August 2004 with Father Robert submitting a position paper to the Indonesia Province of The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer commonly known as the Redemptorists deliberating the grand design of Sumba Cultural Research and Conservation Institute. The pray was answered on 2007 with the blessing from the congregation to begin the development of Rumah Budaya Sumba.

It was too big dream to carry on his shoulder, but generous acceptance on the challenge and optimism not to give up responded in total kindness from Mrs Lisa Tirto Utomo and Tirto Utomo Foundation to support the physical construction of Rumah Budaya Sumba.

Mgr. Edmun Woga, CSsR Bishop of Weetebula Diocese inaugurated Rumah Budaya Sumba on 22 October 2011 with blissful obligation as ‘Tirta Sabana’ – as water flow from savanna.

The journey started with so much to share. Tourism and modern social media help spread the information on Rumah Budaya Sumba which has becomes the house for Waikelo Beach House, Sumba Cultural Research and Conservation Institute and the latest development of Atma Hondu.

Waikelo Beach House currently available with function room and bedroom for various purposes in longer stay located facing the Waikelo Beach.

Sumba Cultural Research and Conservation Institute has been the central of cultural promotion and community engagement with various stakeholders. Program and activity will take part in the development of the Institute to include early childhood education and mother and child health.

Atma Hondu will embark in the near future with focus on Sumba traditional hand woven cloth tradition as sources of life and creativity serving the needs to create ‘real’ impact for many individual, family and community involved. The function as Rumah Tenun and Museum bridges cultural legacy suit in accessible room for wider people to gain inspiration and to help improve value of weaving tradition.

Rumah Budaya Sumba has been playing significant role as cultural information center of Sumba for more than 10 years of its work and called to maintain a position as catalyst of innovation for cultural sustainability.

Tour, lodging and souvenir have been modest income for Rumah Budaya Sumba catering a segment aware enough with the story and purpose behind the organization.

Welcoming everybody to come and enjoy Sumba with Rumah Budaya Sumba.